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Electrolysis and Pregnancy Hair Growth

Many women experience additional unwanted hair growth during pregnancy. This unwanted hair can appear almost anywhere, too. Most women notice the hair on their head getting thicker and for most, that’s a welcome change. However, you may experience thicker facial or leg hair, or new hair growth on your breasts and abdomen. Some of this new hair growth will go away or lessen after the baby is born, but for some women, the unwanted hair remains.

Electrolysis is generally considered quite safe during pregnancy. Electrolysis has been a safe, trusted and effective permanent hair removal method for over 120 years and is generally permitted throughout pregnancy. We usually want our pregnant clients to get their doctor’s permission before beginning electrolysis.

If you experience hormonal hair growth during pregnancy and would like to have it permanently removed during or after your pregnancy, give East Memphis Electrolysis a call at 901-682-9393.

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