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The History of Electrolysis

Electrolysis began in October of 1875 when Dr. Charles Michel, a St. Louis physician removed ingrown eyelashes by inserting a needle with current into the hair follicle. With this procedure, the field of electrology was born and unwanted hair from various parts of the human body could successfully be permanently removed.

This procedure proved to serve both the medical and cosmetic needs of women and men alike. Prior to the practice of Electrology, the removal of unwanted hair from any part of the body was dealt with either through the surgical removal of the actual hair follicle or through topical applications of sulfuric acid.

close up of electrolysis treatment

About Electrolysis

From its infancy, the practice of electrology has proven itself as the only recognized form of permanent hair removal and has served to change and improve the lives of millions in a positive way.

For information on electrolysis as a method for permanent hair removal, go to our How Electrolysis Works page. Or to set up a consultation immediately, call East Memphis Electrolysis at 901-682-9393 or go to our Contact Us page.

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